My Top 5 Favorite TV Politicians of All-Time

In the midst of this election season, this history teacher/pop culture junkie would like to share with you her top 5 favorite TV politicians of all time.

5. Selina Meyer of Veep This woman is fantastic.  I mean, yes. She’s kind of inept. Hilariously so.  But she’s passionate and hysterical, and whenever I am dreading real-life politics, she is a train wreck that I can always watch and cheer myself up.


4. Tim Calhoun from Saturday Night Live I feel like no one really remembers this wonderful Will Forte character, but I do.  He was the epitome of someone who should NOT be running for politics, but he made me laugh the whole way.  (Watch a clip.  It’s amazingly funny!)


3. Adam West in Family Guy Hmmm, am I sensing a pattern here?  (I might like my funny, do-nothing politicians on screen, but not in real life, I promise!)  Adam West in Family Guy has just enough detachment from the world to make him still a lovable, if bumbling, mayor.  It helps that he’s Batman.


2. Leslie Knope from Parks and Recreation. Who doesn’t love Leslie?  She’s smart, ambitious, caring, and fun.  I rooted for her on that show from Day One.  I loved that she was a hard-worker and wasn’t ashamed of it.  She was stressed, yeah, but she loved her life.  I see a lot of myself in her.


1.Josiah Bartlet from The West Wing No one will ever top him in my book.  I know he’s an ideal, someone who would never be real.  But he gave me such hope.  He was smart and levelheaded and always put the country first.  I wish he was real, I wish it so much, especially now.



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