My top dream blogging-incentives


There are days (usually when I’m having a bad or tiring day) that I find updating my blog to be tedious. Do you ever get that way? I’d rather be reading or writing or rewatching Game of Thrones for the 3rd time.  But I’ve committed to this blog, and I’m not one to give up on commitment.  Maybe I just need a little incentive. So without further ado, I’ve come up with my personal dream blogging incentives.

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Top 5 Blog Posts of the Past


If you haven’t been following this blog, you don’t know that I am about to move for a new teaching job, and I’m about to start a whole new phase in my life. Because of that, I don’t have much time to blog. So this blog is like when your favorite TV show is on a break and you see a rerun. It’s a rerun blog. Enjoy some of my favorite posts I have made in the past. And hopefully I will return next week!

  1. My favorite fictional love stories (Part 1/???)
  2. The stages of going to a book sale…
  3. 4 Tips for Surviving an Office
  4. Top 5 Tony Moments – 2016

Guess the novel’s genre based on the music


Okay, so I am currently working on my fourth novel (and am hoping to publish the second soon), so I thought we’d play a game. Based on my three favorite songs on my writing playlist for this novel, what specific genre do you think my WIP falls under?

  1. Better Place by Rachel Platten – Simple and sweet. It’s enough to put me in a happy mood without being too much for me to focus on while I’m writing.
  2. Not Today by Imagine Dragons – I pick up songs from movies all the time. I’ve always been a fan of Imagine Dragons, and this is a nice, easy song to listen to and write to.
  3. Cheap Thrills by Sia featuring Sean Paul – This song always gets me dancing in my writing chair. Which, oddly enough, doesn’t prevent me from writing. Weird? You bet.

All right folks. What do you think?

The 6 Scariest Parts About Moving

Let me preface this by saying that I am an adult. (Sometimes.) I’ve had full-time jobs, and I have lived in my own apartment. The apartment, however, was five minutes from where I grew up. I like where I grew up, so this was not a problem for me. And though I went away to college two hours away from where I grew up, I’ve never actually LIVED any distance from home. College is completely isolated and different. In three weeks, that is changing. I am moving an hour and a half for my new job. And I am scared (good scared, I think, but still scared).

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