Best Broadway Overtures

For my inaugural post on my new website (here – still working out some kinks), I decided I would talk about overtures. Overtures set the tone for the movie or the musical or whatever, just like I am (hoping) this post sets the tone for this website. Maybe. I don’t know. So I present to you: My favorite musical overtures (just three this time, no order, because I know there will be more).

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Favorite First Ladies


With the release of Jackie coming up (and the hopes that I am going to post my story about a First Lady to Wattpad soon), this history nerd is rating her favorite First Ladies of all time.  I’ve been actively reading everything that I can get my hands on about the First Ladies since I was about nine years old. I think it’s fascinating, these women who have so much quiet power while standing behind their husbands. I like to look at what they accomplished, how they lived their lives. A lot of them really were extraordinary women.

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