Keeping a diary

Did you ever write a diary?

I’ve been thinking about this today.  I’m a history teacher, and my students today were examining diaries and accounts from westward pioneers.  Did those people realize what it was they were leaving behind?  That their words would be studied for hundreds of years?  Or did they just do it as therapy?

I wrote in a diary a few times.  In my youth, about once a year for about three or four years, I started a diary.  I think the most entries I wrote was about five each time.  Then I lost the habit.  And my entries weren’t any good.  No thoughts, no feelings.  They were a simple list of every day.  What did I do at school?  Who did I hang out with?

They hardly leave anything behind.  Except embarrassment.  And they barely give me enough for that.

I wish that I had written more.  I’d have loved that view into my life as a kid.  But at the same time, maybe the mystery is a good thing.


Questions 2 and 3. And 4…

Okay, so I came here to write something real.  But writer’s block (hooray!  How am I going to start my new novel soon?).  I’m watching The Martian (just finished the book, yes!) and drinking a glass of wine instead.

So instead, I’ll ask you, my followers, a question.

For you writers, what is your favorite genre to write?

For you readers, what is your favorite genre to read?

Are any of you book snobs?  (I am.)

The stages of going to a book sale…

  1. Pre-sale excitement. “I’m going to a book sale, I’m going to a book sale, I’M GOING TO A BOOK SALE!”
  2. During-sale euphoria.  “Books, books, BOOKS.  Look at all the books!”
  3. During-sale overwhelmed panic. “But which do I buy?  Can I afford them all?  They won’t all fit in my car!”
  4. Checkout anxiety.  “Am I sure I don’t want that Nora Roberts book?  That Jackie Onassis biography looked so lonely…”
  5. Post-sale regret. “I bought too many books.  I didn’t buy enough books.  I should go back.”
  6. To-read list overwhelmed panic.  “WHEN WILL I EVER READ ALL OF THIS?”
  7. Joy.  “Look at all my books.”

I’m going to a book sale tomorrow!

Getting to know you…

So, rather than using this blog to whine about my life some more, I thought I might try to get to know my followers a little bit.  I might do this every once in a while, post questions so I can hear from you.  So let’s start:

  • If you could have starred in any TV show, past or present, what would it be?

Friends for me.  Or 30 Rock.  Or Parks and Rec. Or The West WingI don’t know.