Top 5 Tony Moments – 2016


It’s no secret that I am a bit of a Broadway nerd (though “bit” might be an under-exaggeration).  I’ve only seen a few shows this season (King Charles III, A View From the Bridge, School of Rock, Disaster!, and She Loves Me), but that didn’t make me any less excited for Sunday’s award show.  It told me what cast recordings I need to buy, what shows I need tickets for (I GOT HAMILTON TICKETS FINALLY), and it’s just all around a fun time.  I’ll be watching the clips on YouTube for weeks.  So indulge me while I share my very favorite moments.

5. “She Used To Be Mine” from Waitress – I’m a fan of Sara Bareilles and of Jessie Mueller.  I’ve seen the latter onstage a few times, and I love love LOVE 11 o’clock numbers where the lady gets to stand there and belt her face off.  This was the perfect fit.  Watch here.


4. The Opening Number – These are always pretty great (except for Hugh Jackman’s jumping year WHAT WAS THAT), but Sunday’s opening was heartfelt and spoke to the theater loving child in me.  When the actors walked out onstage?  And then the kids?  I lost it.  So beautiful.  Watch here.


3. Hamilton‘s performance – Guess what guys.  I have never watched ANY of Hamilton (besides Lin-Manuel’s early performance from years ago).  I know right?  I was convinced I was going to win tickets and wanted to be surprised.  HA so naive.  ANYWAY.  Seeing these performers who are magnificent?  The choreography?  The lyrics?  The history?  Worth the wait. Watch here.


2. CYNTHIA ERIVO – So the whole performance from The Color Purple was astounding.  Wonderful.  Such fiercely talented ladies.  But when Cynthia Erivo came out and laid her heart on the stage?  I had NO desire to see The Color Purple, but it quickly shot up to the top of my list.  Watch here.


1. Heartfelt speeches – After the untold horror that unfolded early Sunday morning, it was very touching to see some beautiful remembrances throughout the night.  My favorites came from Frank Langella and Lin-Manuel Miranda. Watch here and here.



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