The Worst Parts of Starting a New Novel



  1. Carving Out a Plot – Okay so.  Maybe it’s just me.  I get a brilliant idea, and what I think is a great plot and then I sit down to actually plan, to actually write.  And I slam into a brick wall.  “Well, how is that going to work?”  “How am I going to get to that part?”  “Who the heck is going to actually want to read this?”  I get stuck, and I can’t move.
  2. Naming Characters – Yes, I have name generators.  I USE them all the time.  But have you ever struggled to find the PERFECT name?  Name generators are great, but they are limited.  What if they don’t hit the right mood for a character?  Naming a character is like naming a child.  The name is there, in print, forever.  It’s a huge, scary decision!  (Yes, I’m overdramatic.)
  3. The semi-crippling anxiety of making something good – I’m a writer because I love to write.  It’s my favorite thing to do, and I want nothing more than to do that all the time.  But I want to put out a quality product because I want people to enjoy what I put out there.  And so that’s what I worry about.  Will people like this?  Is this a pointless exercise?  Am I any good?



3 thoughts on “The Worst Parts of Starting a New Novel

  1. Really good post, I think you did a great job gathering the struggles of doing so.
    I think that for me the majority of the struggles are 1 and 3. I’ve spent quite a while writing a novel, and I feel that my writers block is due to those things. I am able to write other short stories and flash fiction as for my blog, but the novel is a work that’s paused.


    1. Thank you! It’s good that you’re able to keep writing those short stories even when you can’t seem to make the novel work. It’s really nice to have that outlet. I’m in the opposite boat, though. Doing well on my novel and failing rather spectacularly at my outlet!

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      1. Yes, I think that’s a good thing but I still feel a bit upset for leaving it paused. I will find it in me to end with this block and continue really soon!
        I find it great that you are able to continue with your novel, that’s awesome! Lots of good luck with it! For the outlet, I really hope you are able to find it in you again as well 😊


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