Favorite First Ladies


With the release of Jackie coming up (and the hopes that I am going to post my story about a First Lady to Wattpad soon), this history nerd is rating her favorite First Ladies of all time.  I’ve been actively reading everything that I can get my hands on about the First Ladies since I was about nine years old. I think it’s fascinating, these women who have so much quiet power while standing behind their husbands. I like to look at what they accomplished, how they lived their lives. A lot of them really were extraordinary women.

  1. Jackie Kennedy Onassis – I stumbled on a VERY OLD book about her when I was nine years old. It didn’t even talk about her life after JFK’s assassination, but that book started a lifelong fascination with Jackie Kennedy. She put up with so much, and she did so with grace and elegance and humor. I’ve always looked up to her.
  2. Abigail Adams – Abigail Adams “remember[ed] the ladies” when many people weren’t inclined to do so. She spoke up about her feelings, she supported her husband, even during his trials, and she was the first First Lady in the White House.
  3. Eleanor Roosevelt – I’m still learning about her, but her power and courage and tenacity is something that I admire. She forged a path for herself unlike any woman before her. And she enjoyed it.
  4. Michelle Obama – Michelle Obama honestly seems like the nicest, most charismatic person. She’s intelligent, she loves her family, and she seems to have a good sense of humor. I’ll miss her when she’s gone.
  5. Dolley Madison – Again, I don’t know much about this First Lady. But she seemed to keep her head when under pressure.  When the British were attacking DC, she had the piece of mind to bring important paperwork with her. In many ways, she saved the day!

Of course, I respect so many of the First Ladies, and I think all of their stories are really interesting. Who is your favorite historical figure?


5 thoughts on “Favorite First Ladies

  1. I’m so into history right now. The influence of Hamilton. Abigail Adams would be John Adams’ wife yes? Gosh, she probably knew Eliza Hamilton then.
    My favorite historical figure. Well if we’re talking American, basically anyone from Hamilton would do.
    But if we’re going much wider, there was a particular Persian queen, Vashti, who just intrigues me.
    She’s more of a biblical figure but she did exist so she counts. Her story is interesting, though brief so you might check it out. Highlights: She’s taken from her home and becomes the wife of some king but she does not cow to his every whim.


    1. I need to get into the Hamilton craze. I’ve been waiting because I have tickets in February, and I want to be surprised, but I might have to give in early. As for your favorite historical figure, I’ve never heard of her before. She sounds fascinating.

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