History nerd vs. Historical movies

I love historical movies.  Good or bad.  If there’s a period costume, I’m there.

Unfortunately, I was a history major in college.  Which makes me a history buff.  Which makes me pick apart those movies I love.

For example, I am currently watching The Other Boleyn Girl for the first time since I read the book.  And it’s not a faithful adaptation of the book (nor was the book entirely faithful to real life events), but the thing that drives me the most crazy?  Not the bad accents or the cheesiness.  No.  WHY ISN’T HENRY’S HAIR RED?

Yes, that is what is bothering me.

It’s like this in every historical movie I watch.  I enjoy them, but I find one thing to pick apart.

Is that normal?

Or am I just too nerdy for my own good?


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