Books on my TBR List I Can’t Wait To Read

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Right now, I am working on my goal of decreasing my TBR list (somewhow it’s become gigantic. Who knew?). Because of this, I keep looking back on what’s on the list, and I thought I would share some of the books I am really looking forward to reading.

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Literary Couples I Love (Part 1 of Many)

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In honor of Valentine’s Day, I thought that for today’s blog, I’d write a list of some of a few of my favorite literary pairings of all time. Since love is in the air and all that, this has been a fun one to visit.

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Books That Represented A Challenge For Me


I’m kind of ridiculous. I love reading, and I love challenging myself. Sometimes, I like to combine these two aspects of my life. There are books that I want to read to prove to myself that I can. I’ve been doing this since I was ten years old. So I thought I would take a moment to share some of my milestone books with you.

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Isabelle only wanted to take care of her father. Unfortunately, taking care of her father means following him out into what the weather reporters were calling ‘The Storm of the Century.’ When Isabelle’s car slides off the road and wedges itself into a snow bank, she has no choice but to seek help from the illusive Fitzroy mansion, tucked away in the woods on the edge of town. Inside, she encounters Leo, a solemn man with a dark past and a scarred face, who begrudgingly lets her stay after the roads close. She grows increasingly frustrated by his secrets, including the forbidden door that she is not allowed to look behind. At least he has his own personal library for her to browse.
Leo Fitzroy was once the popular son of one of Grimford’s wealthiest men. But after tragedy struck, he locked his broken body away in his mansion, staying away from the outside world that pitied him. He was used to his solitude, and he does not appreciate Isabelle’s special brand of annoyance. He wants nothing more to get her out of the house as soon as the roads are cleared. But when he learns that she likes books and 80s cult classics, he begins to realize that maybe she’s not so bad. Except the longer that she is in his house, the closer she gets to his secret. If she finds out, it will ruin everything.
A modern retelling of “Beauty and the Beast.”
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