Reasons I Didn’t Write a Blog Today

  1. My best friend was here.
  2. We ate Mexican takeout and watched Lord of the Rings.
  3. The first day back at work after a long weekend is BRUTAL.
  4. I had a headache.
  5. I got a six-paragraph long rejection letter.


I’m sorry for this cop-out. I will be back with your regularly scheduled blogging next week. In the meantime, how was your weekend?


Things to Worry About When Chaperoning Middle Schoolers around NYC

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I’m chaperoning my first major field trip this weekend. Me and a whole bunch of 7th graders. As excited as I am, I’m a little nervous as well. And since I tend to think in worst case scenarios, here are some of the things that I am worrying about:
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Top 5 Blog Posts of the Past


If you haven’t been following this blog, you don’t know that I am about to move for a new teaching job, and I’m about to start a whole new phase in my life. Because of that, I don’t have much time to blog. So this blog is like when your favorite TV show is on a break and you see a rerun. It’s a rerun blog. Enjoy some of my favorite posts I have made in the past. And hopefully I will return next week!

  1. My favorite fictional love stories (Part 1/???)
  2. The stages of going to a book sale…
  3. 4 Tips for Surviving an Office
  4. Top 5 Tony Moments – 2016

Promote yourselves

Here’s a break from your regularly scheduled blogging for you… I don’t check into this site as much as I should, but with summer break on the horizon, I want to turn that around.

So what blogs should I follow?  What blogs should I read?  I love books, teaching, writing, pop culture, movies, Broadway, adulthood struggles… You name it.

Tell me what to check out.  Comment here.  Promote yourselves if you want to.  Why should I check out your blog?  I want to!  Here’s me breaking out of my shell.