New Instagram

Hi all! Not much to blog about today, so I thought I’d let you know about my brand new Instagram. I’m going to use it to post nerdy things. Like this ridiculous picture:


With this ridiculous caption: “I can’t get married, I’m in tech.” (It’s from the vert short Broadway-themed TV show Smash.)

So if you’re interested in following something like this, check it out here:


Dreamcast: The Avengers Musical

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With Infinity War being released this week, I am in complete Avengers mode. I am so excited and so nervous about what’s going to happen! So for today’s blog, I thought I would combine two of my favorite things: Broadway and The Avengers. Without further ado, here’s who should play some of The Avengers in a hypothetical Broadway musical:

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FLASH POLL! What should my next project be?

flash poll

I’m in the midst of writing the climax of my current novella, and I have about a million ideas for what I want to write next. So here are a few. Which would you like to see first?

  1. Rockstar romance – A little diddy about a straight-laced girl who falls in love with a rockstar, after swearing she never would.
  2. The president’s daughter – I want to start a series about the daughters of a president. This one takes place between the president and her father’s adviser. I am planning on it being a Christmas romance. If I start now, it might be ready this Christmas.
  3. The prince and the commoner – With the royal wedding coming up, this one seems all the rage. And I’m excited for it all.

So what do you think?

Shows I’d Like To See As Live TV Musicals

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Like most of the Broadway community, I was pretty hyped¬†up about NBC’s Jesus Christ Superstar this week. And it was good! I’m hoping they film all musicals as concerts from here on out. I really enjoyed it (and I’ve never seen JCS before – what?). There are so many musicals I’d like to see them put on as live TV specials, that I think they could do something really special with. Here are just a few:

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What I Love To Do In New Cities

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Later this week, I’m going to Boston. It’s not an entirely new city. I went there once when I was 12, but I can barely remember it. So for all intents and purposes, this is going to feel like a brand new city to me. And I’m excited, because it’s been a long time since I’ve experienced a new city. Here’s what I’m looking forward to:

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Historical Figures I’d Like To See Musicals About

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I’ve just started teaching Hamilton for the year (using much of the musical, duh), and it’s really gotten me thinking about historical musicals. I love these pieces that bring music and humanity to real-life people. In addition to Hamilton, there are pieces like Anastasia and 1776, that I love. And I would love to see more musicals that tell real stories. Here are a few possible historical figures I’d like to see musicals about:

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