Disney Movies That Should Be Stage Musicals (Part1/???)

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I love Disney movies, and I love Broadway musicals. Love or hate Disney Theatrical Productions, they can be a lot of fun (The Lion King will always mean a great deal to me, and I can’t wait for Frozen). So without further, here are just a few of the Disney movies I’d like to see turned into stage musicals.

  • Mulan – They’re making this into a live-action movie, which I’m excited about but am also DEVASTATED about because it’s not a musical! I need a production number version of “I’ll Make a Man Out Of You.” So I’ll just wait until they bring it to the stage.
  • Cinderella – There have been a LOT of Cinderella stage adaptations. That’s okay with me, because I love Cinderella stories. Disney has proven they know Cinderella (who else ADORED the 2015 live action Cinderella). Add a few more songs, and I think it would make a happy little musical that would leave me with a smile on my face (though I’d miss “In My Own Little Corner”).
  • Tangled – Show me my money onstage, Disney! I want an amazing, long Rapunzel wig! The music in this movie is so catchy, not to mention, it features my animated boyfriend, Flynn Rider. This would be such a wild, fun romp for young boys and girls. And can we please bring back the voice cast?
  • Hercules – I like this one because the music is so different than other Disney movies (seriously, I am rocking out to “Zero to Hero” right now). Hercules offers a lot of opportunities for special effects and a GREAT chorus. Please bring it on!

One thought on “Disney Movies That Should Be Stage Musicals (Part1/???)

  1. Yes! I agree with all of these! Especially with the Tangled and Hercules ones! I heard a rumor that Hercules might be in the works for a stage production but ever since I’ve heard about that I’ve never found anything to back it up or follow up on it so I’m not sure if it’s happening or not! All the same, I’d love to see it on stage!


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