Actors I Want To Star In Hypothetical Movies Of My Books

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I think most authors dream about what their books would look like as movies. I know I do. The biggest draw for me is the possibility of seeing these characters that I created and loved played by actors on the big screen. So I’ve been thinking, who would I like to see take on my work? I have a few ideas…

Anna Kendrick – I adore Anna Kendrick. Who doesn’t? She’s gorgeous, funny, talented. I write a lot of fiction that revolved around the Broadway scene, and I think she’d be perfect to take on the role. After all, she was nominated for a Tony Award when she was still a teenager.

Kit Harington – Maybe I’m just on an obvious Game of Thrones kick right now. But Kit Harington is just so handsome, and so good at brooding. Wouldn’t he be the perfect hero in a romance?

Jessica Chastain – I will admit 100% that Jessica Chastain is my favorite actress. She’s gorgeous and versatile to boot. I’d like to see her take on the role of a feisty heroine in a romance. She’s got the red hair to match the temperament!

Oscar Isaac – So maybe I just like looking at pictures of him. He’s so darn handsome. But more than that, Oscar Isaac is a great actor, one you want to root for. And I’ve seen him play Poe Dameron. He’s got the cocky playboy thing down. I’d love to see him play one of my roles on screen.


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