I’ve been nominated for the 2017 Liebster Award!

Changing it up for something a little different today…
I was nominated for the Liebster Award a few weeks ago (yay!) which means I get to write this fabulous post. If you don’t know what the Liebster Award is, check out the info here (https://theglobalaussie.com/blog/liebster-award-2017/). It’s a way for smaller blogs to get noticed, which I think is awesome! So without further ado, my Liebster Award entry…

PART ONE: A Blog That I Love That Is Not My Own
I’m going to talk about the blog that nominated me for this one. @mymusicaltheatrelife is an amazing blog. Following her has reminded me of musicals I love as well as exposing me to musicals I might not have had the chance to learn about before. She’s very thoughtful and includes lots of pictures. And she covers all kinds of areas of musicals, from the music themselves to the costumes and the like. Reading her entries is always enlightening. I’d recommend her blog to anyone and everyone. Thank you for nominating me!
PART TWO: Ten Random Facts About Me
1) I have seen 77 Broadway shows. The only ones I’ve seen twice are Hair, Shrek, Next to Normal, and Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson.
2) I’ve published a novella based on Beauty and the Beast. You can check it out here.
3) I’m a teacher by day. I teach 7th grade social studies. Right now we are learning about the beginning of the American Revolution.
4) I am an avid reader. On average, I read 3 books a week.
5) My favorite TV shows are Arrested Development, 30 Rock, Parks and Rec, and Game of Thrones. But my favorite TV show of all time is The West Wing.
6) I am insanely good at remembering inane trivia.
7) My favorite superheroes are Batman and Captain America.
8) I will read/watch anything about the Kennedys.
9) Every year, I try to watch all of the movies nominated for the major awards at the Oscars before the ceremony.
10) I love ice cream more than anything.

PART THREE: Questions from @mymusicaltheatrelife

If you had the ability to sing one song from a musical flawlessly, what song would it be and why?
– I have to say “Defying Gravity.” It’s not my favorite musical theater song (anymore), nor is it from my favorite show, but that song meant so much to me when I was growing up. And it makes me cry every time I see Wicked, without fail. So to be able to sing that? To fly before an audience? It would mean so much to me.
Which musicals do you think deserve a shoutout?
– I’m going to go with some of the slightly lesser known musicals here. Mostly. I think they need some love. Gutenberg the Musical (my favorite obscure musical; it’s hilarious), The Scottsboro Boys (beautiful, stunning, heartbreaking, best choreography I’ve ever seen), Once the Musical (my happy place, even though I sobbed when I saw it). Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson (hilarious, poignant, and perfect for a history nerd – I miss this show). Sunday in the Park with George (reduces me to tears every time, perfect demonstration of what it’s like to be creative). The Drowsy Chaperone (so adorable and funny, I identify with the lead so much). Natasha, Pierre, and the Great Comet of 1812 (I cannot express how much I loved this gorgeous, innovative show). Murder Ballad (so sexy, so catchy).
If you could dance the choreography of any one show perfectly, which show would it be?
– Gah. The Drowsy Chaperone probably. I don’t wanna show off! Basically, I’d like to be able to pull off that one song like Sutton Foster.
Favorite composer/lyricist duo?
– Probably Kander and Ebb. I love their music style. Cabaret is one of my all-time favorite musicals. And yet I’ve never seen it. Someday, I’ll change that.
Who’s your favorite musical actress/actor?
– If I have to choose one, I would say I adore Christian Borle. He’s so versatile. I’ve seen him in everything he’s been in since Spamalot, and he’s always doing something new. He’s magic onstage. His performance in Peter and the Starcatcher was magnetic and is still my favorite performance I’ve ever seen. I cried when he won the Tony. I also adore Kelli O’Hara and Norbert Leo Butz.
What show(s) should get a Broadway transfer in 2018?
Moulin Rouge I guess? We know it’s coming, but it’s my favorite movie, and I’ve been excited about it for years. Even if I’m not exactly wild about the possible cast.
What’s one unpopular theatre opinion that you have?
– I don’t get the fuss for a lot of popular performers, like Idina Menzel and Karen Olivo.
What’s your opinion on the Tony Awards recently and what shows do you think have gotten snubbed in recent years?
– The Tonys are fun. I like watching it. However, I do think they’ve become a popularity contest. The winning shows are often the ones that would tour the best, not necessarily the most deserving. I also think the play categories need to be broken up. There should be best script instead of just best play.
What do you think about musical movies and what’s your favorite musical movie?
– I’m 50/50 on movie musicals. Some of them surprise me (Mamma Mia, Hairspray, Into the Woods) and are enjoyable. Others…ugh make me want to cringe. Mostly, I really, REALLY hate the recent trend of hiring actors who cannot sing a bit as leads to be “relatable” (see Beauty and the Beast, La La Land). There are so many talented actors and actresses out there. Give them a shot. My favorite movie musicals are The Sound of Music, Rent (nostalgically), Chicago, Mamma Mia.
What’s your dream cast for your favorite musical and why?
– So my favorite musical is probably Into the Woods, which I have dreamcast a lot. However, it’s a HUGE cast so I’m going to do highlights:
Witch – Audra McDonald
Baker – Brian d’Arcy James or Christopher Fitzgerald
Baker’s Wife – Kelli O’Hara
Cinderella’s Prince/Wolf – Will Swenson
Cinderella – Sierra Boggess or Christy Altomare
Jack – Gaten Matarazzo
Jack’s Mother – Allison Janney
Red Riding Hood – Sophia Gennusa
Rapunzel – Betsy Wolfe
Rapunzel’s Prince – Derek Klena
Do you have any dream roles? If you do, what are they and why?
– SO MANY. Anyone from Into the Woods, because it’s been my favorite musical since I was 15. Sally Bowles in Cabaret because I am obsessed and not that I’d EVER live up to Natasha Richardson’s performance but I’d like to try. Girl from Once because it’s a score I could actually probably sing. Elphaba from Wicked because it would make all my teenage dreams come true. And I want to be green. Amneris from Aida because I love her songs and her character arc. Dot from Sunday in the Park with George because she makes me cry and I think playing her would be a challenge. Belle from Beauty and the Beast because again, dream of my childhood. Gaston from Beauty and the Beast because he’d be the most fun to play.
PART FOUR: Tagging Bloggers With Less Than 200 Followers
Here are some blogs I’m nominating! I hope you guys participate. @walterthinnes, @riaswordswithtea, @lourdesbookblogspot, @doriesreadingcorner, @bibbidibobbidibookworm.
Here are some questions for you to answer:
1) Do you like to read? What books do you like and why?
2) Explain your writing process. Whether it’s poetry, prose, blogs…what gets you writing?
3) What do you do to combat writers’ block?
4) What do you do to take care of yourself? How do you relax?
5) If you could go anywhere in the world, where would it be? Why?
6) What inspires you?
7) Would you prefer to see a musical or watch a straight play?
8) Do you blog on a schedule? Or do you blog when the feeling strikes you?
9) If you could have the talent to create anything and be successful at it, what would it be?
10) What is the best piece of advice you’ve ever received?
11) How do you stay focused?

13 thoughts on “I’ve been nominated for the 2017 Liebster Award!

    1. On tour, I have seen so many talented actors, which even includes those in the ensemble. I have seen musicals on tour, at school, and at big theatre districts: those being the West End and Broadway. Musicals are special in so many ways

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      1. I have seen so many talented actors on stage: doing all three of those aspects: acting, singing, and dancing plus have the entire script memorized especially those who are understudies. How on earth do they do all that? It just impresses me so much.

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