Reasons I Should Finish My NaNoWriMo Project

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I’ve been burnt out with my writing ever since National Novel Writing Month finished. I think it’s a combination of real-life stress and the sheer amount of work I did (50,000 words is a lot!). It’s been a struggle, but this last week, I have been forcing myself to write. And I need to keep reminding myself why. So without further ado, here are my reasons why I should FINISH my NaNoWriMo project:

1) There is some genuinely good stuff in this novel that I don’t want to see go to waste (even if sometimes it feels like crap).
2) I’m over halfway done. I can’t give up now!
3) It will be one more finished first draft in my wheelhouse, something to edit when the mood strikes me.
4) How can I move on to the 4th book in the series if I can’t finish the 3rd?
5) I love these characters.
6) I love this plot.
7) I’ve already put a ton of work in. I will be sad if I don’t see it through.
8) The sense of accomplishment when I actually finish!
OH GUESS WHAT! I was nominated for the Liebster Award! Thanks @mymusicaltheatrelife. I’m planning to use that for the next blog. In the meantime, any blogs (with less then 200 followers) you’d like to see nominated?

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