Things I Need To Do To Prepare for NaNoWriMo 2017


Okay, guys. I hate to admit it, but I am slacking. Usually, I am completely prepared for this. I plan character, outline, make a cover, play around on the website. Everything. This year, I have a vague plan, less than a notebook page. I just have been so tired and lazy. I haven’t wanted to do anything. But it’s time I got my butt in gear. So here is my #NaNoWriMo to-do list.

1) Figure out the plot – I have a basic idea. It’s a romance, it’s set in my On Broadway series. It’s about a composer and his muse. But beyond that? Ugh I have to figure out the specifics. Plus, I am trying the 3-Act screenplay technique this time. So wish me luck!

2) Plan the characters – Only two characters from previous books are returning in supporting roles. So I need to figure out the main characters. I know their names and what they look like, but what are they like? What makes them tick?

3) Set up my NaNoWriMo page – It’s there. I’ve used it for the past five years. But I don’t have this novel registered yet. So I need to get on that.

4) Prep my space – I like to surround my desk with inspiration: Funko pops representing the characters, a desktop background of a setting. So I have to get that all set up.

5) Create a playlist – This is my favorite part, especially since I write people who are on Broadway. It’s like I get to listen to them sing to me. But I can save this until toward the end.

6) Make a temporary cover – I love this because I can envision what my book is going to be like. It’s a really cool, visual motivator.

Twice before now, I have completely prepped my novels the night before NaNo started. So maybe I still have hope?


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