My Favorite Places in the USA

My favorite places in the USA

Happy Independence Day to my American followers! And happy Tuesday to those who are not American. In honor of my favorite holiday, I thought I’d share with you a few of my favorite places in the USA. Maybe later we’ll talk my favorite places in Europe.

  • Disney World – Whenever I tell people this, they give me the side eye. I don’t know why. I have some amazing memories with friends and family in Disney World. The rides, the characters, the atmosphere, performing. It doesn’t get more magical. I don’t think anything could top this for me.
  • New York City – If you follow this blog, you know that I am a Broadway nerd. Seeing shows is a beautiful experience for me. And that is a major part of my love for NYC. But I also love the restaurants and bars, the people, all of the history and things to do. And the lights at night. You can’t beat those.
  • Los Angeles – This one is new to me. I only went there last year, but I had an amazing time. I got to go to Santa Monica and the beach, Universal, Disney, but my favorite time there was relaxing in the Hollywood Hills and eating pizza with a beautiful view. I want to get back there and see more.
  • The coast of Maine – I have family who has lived there all my life. I haven’t been to the coast of Maine in a long time, but it’s such a stunning, calm area. Seaside restaurants and body surfing bring back some of my fondest memories in the area.
  • The Finger Lakes – If you’ve never been to New York’s Finger Lakes, I HIGHLY recommend them. Summer and fall (with the leaves changing) are truly magnificent seasons. There are lots of sights and restaurants to choose from, and the wine trail is to die for.

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