Dream Broadway Roles for the Hollywood Chrises


Who doesn’t love a good movie star Chris? I know I do. On my way to work today, I thought about how sad it is that none of these Chrises have ever been on Broadway (though that is changing soon), so I brainstormed and came up with my dream roles for each of them.

Chris Pratt – Dewey in School of Rock – Okay, so this is cheating. Dewey is extremely similar to the character Pratt played on Parks and Rec for years. But he was so perfect as Andy that I couldn’t help myself. He’d bring heart and laughs to the role Jack Black made famous. Not to mention some mad guitar skills.

Chris Pine – Sky in Guys and Dolls – He’s proven he can sing (see Into the Woods) and Sky gets some of the best songs in musical theatre canon. Pine is a crooner and is full of charm and a little bit of mischief. Perfect for making Sky sly yet redeemable.

Chris Evans – Chris in Miss Saigon – I usually like seeing Evans take on comedies, but I can definitely see him play another Chris. If he could sing, I think this role has the right amount of drama for him (he likes his dramas). Plus, he definitely looks like an all-American soldier (I wonder why…). Although we know he can tap dance (see: Playing It Cool), so maybe I should think about Billy Flynn in Chicago

Chris Hemsworth – Max in The Play That Goes Wrong – I went a little out of the box for this one. But hear me out. Hemsworth has proven that he’s great at comedy (see: Ghostbusters). He’s silly and showy, and he’s got a great smile. So wouldn’t he be amazing as the beaming, lovable, slightly dim-witted Max in this farce of epic proportions? I’d like to see it.

Or, you know, they can just all bring Magic Mike the Musical to Broadway.

Do you have any dream Broadway roles for the Chrises?


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