What I Am Looking Forward to on the Tony Awards

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Just a few things I am looking for at Sunday’s ceremony…

A Frank Underwood appearance – With Kevin Spacey hosting, I am sincerely hoping that we see him turn to the camera and deliver a soliloquoy in a Southern accent. It’s my favorite thing that Frank Underwood does, and how great would it be to have Frank’s political take on the Tony Awards?
Kevin Spacey impressions – Speaking of, have you ever seen Kevin Spacey do impressions? They are amazing. He’d better do a few. Or twelve. It’s the perfect place to do it.
The performances – I mean, these are the best part, right? They’re why everyone tunes in. I am so excited to see bits from all of the shows I have seen, and I can’t wait to revisit the ones I saw and loved (Great Comet!). I’ll be watching the performances over and over again.
The Broadway Community – It’s a close-knit, loving, creative community, one that is supportive and pulls through adversity and entertains. In the world we have today, I could use a little bit of that.

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