Things I Loved About Disney’s Aladdin on Broadway

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This NYC trip’s show was Aladdin (FINALLY!), so here’s just a few things that I loved about my experience.

  1. Being back where it all started – My first Broadway show was The Lion King. This was 19 years ago, with the original cast, from the very back of the balcony. I don’t remember much of that show (other than the animals), but I remember loving Broadway from the start.  I haven’t managed to get back to the New Amsterdam since then, but boy was I happy to be back.
  2. SO MUCH NOSTALGIA – Okay, so besides the theater, there was the MUSIC. The first Disney song I ever consciously memorized (because let’s be real, I still know Beauty and the Beast and Little Mermaid by heart) was “A Whole New World.” I grew up on the Menken/Ashman/Rice score, so I loved hearing it come to life. PLUS, Jafar (Jonathan Freeman) was Jafar. YES. Oh, and the new Aladdin looks vaguely like Scott Weigner from a distance so that was PERFECT (Full House memories y’all).
  3. The special effects – I still don’t know how that damn carpet flew. Or how some of the quick costume changes worked. There was some real Disney magic in that show y’all.
  4. The costumes and sets – So colorful and shiny! Honestly, it was gorgeous, and I felt like I was in the movie.
  5. THE CAST – I tend to worry that casts in long-running shows will have less energy, and they always prove me wrong. They were all wonderful. I was never once bummed I wasn’t seeing some of the originals. Special shout out to Major Attaway and Jacob Dickey who were PERFECT and really stood out (and are both making their Broadway debuts). Oh and Steel Burkhardt. Because I miss Hair.

4 thoughts on “Things I Loved About Disney’s Aladdin on Broadway

  1. I saw a show on Broadway as well. I did see Wicked on Broadway in 2006. I don’t have vivid memories of that night, but I do remember Popular being my favorite song and being with mom. Wicked sparked my love for musicals and it was show where I began to understand the emotional complexity that goes with musicals.

    I think what makes musicals so special has to be the songs, dance, and spectacle. I might want to see Aladdin live some day. I also hope to see Beauty and the Beast live a second time after seeing the new movie-my first round I don’t quite remember seeing live at all. Next year, Lion King is coming to Charlotte, my hometown, so I hope to see it then since I don’t remember the first time I saw the show live either.


    1. Lion King is fantastic. I hope you get to see it and like it. Wicked will always be one of my favorite musicals. I adore it. I can see it many times and it never gets old. Aladdin is great. I need to see Beauty and the Beast too. It’s my favorite. And I saw it like 15 years ago.


  2. I’d like to see this but I worry it’ll be a little too pantomime-y for my liking !! I mean I love a pantomime but just not in a musical!! It seems like you really enjoyed it though so I’m slightly more tempted to make the trip! I also hold a grudge against it because it replaced Miss Saigon in the West-End so I must get over that.


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