Favorite Historical Eras to Read About

  1. The Kennedy Era – If you’ve been following my blog at all, you probably realize that I am fascinated by the Kennedys. I can’t tell you exactly why. I think I’m just interested by the dynamics in a powerful family. And these people…had interesting dynamics. I will read fiction or nonfiction about them, and I can’t get enough.
  2. The Tudor Era – Specifically King Henry VIII, his six wives, and their legacy. If you ignore the lack of hygiene and stuff at the time, it really was a romantic period. And it’s a larger than life story that is hard to believe is true. Castles, power, romance, lust, death, it has all the makings of excitement in literature.
  3. The 1920s – Gangsters, flappers, parties, women’s rights. Who doesn’t love the 1920s.  It probably helps that my favorite book is The Great Gatsby.
  4. Jane Austen – It’s easy to get swept away in Jane Austen’s world. Even with all of society’s rules, the English countryside is such a great book escape. I love imagining the dances and the dresses.
  5. World War II – I think my favorite thing to read about World War II is how the country came together. There are a lot of hardships that people faced, yes, but there was a lot of love and strength there too.  It always makes for good reads.

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