What Broadway Show Should I Dreamcast Next?

I’ve been thinking I’d like to do another musical dreamcast (for a project that will never be made except in my dreams).  When I do dreamcasts, I take a preexisting movie, stage show, or idea, and put in the Broadway actors and actresses that I think would be perfect in the lead roles.  I have a few ideas for my next one, and that is where you come in. Should it be…?

  • Downton Abbey: The Musical – Just think, I can talk all about how Angela Lansbury would be the perfect Dowager Countess.
  • The Devil Wears Prada: The Musical – To get everyone psyched about the upcoming Elton John musical.
  • Harry Potter: The Musical – I really just want the opportunity to talk about Harry Potter (I did this on an essay I wrote in high school as well, still got a 99).
  • The Help: The Musical – Because I really want a happy, female-centric musical on Broadway, to add to the lovely ones already there.
  • Z: The Musical – Who doesn’t want to see a musical about Zelda and Scott Fitzgerald?

Or should I do something else?  What do you think?


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