Oscar Winners as Broadway Performers

Do you ever envision Hollywood’s top movies as musicals? And then picture your favorite Broadway actors and actresses in the lead roles?  No? Just me? Well, okay then. It’s a fun, sometimes infuriating habit I have. This year, I thought I’d share who I would cast in the inevitable Broadway musicals of the winning movies. So without further ado, the winning Oscar performances, cast for Broadway musicals.

  • Christian Borle as Lee Chandler (Manchester by the Sea) – Borle is probably my favorite actor on Broadway. He can play comedic roles and serious ones with the same amount of gravitas (as his TWO Tonys and TWO starring roles in one Broadway season will attest to). After seeing him play Marvin in Falsettos this season, I think he could pull off the alienation and angst that Lee feels incredibly well.
  • Denée Benton as Mia (La La Land) – Benton was adorable and charming and stole every scene that she was in during Natasha, Pierre, and the Great Comet of 1812. With a charm like that in her eyes, I can only imagine how easily she would be able to win over audiences as the singing, dancing, struggling actress in this year’s hit movie musical.
  • Joshua Henry as Juan (Moonlight) – Joshua Henry is, in my opinion, one of Broadway best young actors. I am obsessed with his voice. I’ve heard he’s absolutely killing it as Burr in Hamilton, so I’d love to see him bring the humanity to Juan that Mahershala Ali did so effortlessly.
  • Viola Davis as Rose Maxson (Fences) – Because no one can ever replace her and her remarkable performance.  Ever.

What movies would you like to see as Broadway musicals?


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