Beauty and the Beast: A Broadway Dreamcast

I’m going to do something a little bit different this time. This is going to be the first in my series of Broadway dreamcasts. I love Broadway, and I love dreamcasting, so I figure this is a perfect fit. Today’s dreamcast is Beauty and the Beast. I saw a touring production of it back when I was in junior high school, but more importantly, the movie happens to be my favorite. With all of the hubub about the remake, I thought I’d cast my dream Broadway performers in the roles I picture them in.

  • Belle – Phillipa Soo – She’s gorgeous, she’s sweet, she is incredibly intelligent on Twitter. Not to mention, she’s also got a gorgeous, soaring voice. All necessary for someone to play Belle. Plus, how cool would it be to see a woman of color play a Disney princess of Broadway?
  • The Beast – Josh Groban – Not only has he proven himself to be an incredible Broadway actor (I adored him in Great Comet…), but can you imagine him singing “If I Can’t Love Her”? YEAH.
  • Gaston – Benjamin Walker – I low-key wanted him to get the role of Gaston in the movie. Walker has an incredible voice, perfect for belting about being the size of a barge. He’s also got the whole delicious over-the-top thing down to a science (see Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson). (PS: I would not complain if The Rock ever decided to play this role.)
  • Lumiere – Neil Patrick Harris – He’s probably too big of a star to take on a role like this, but I can dream, right? Who else could handle a big production number like “Be Our Guest”? Harris has proven time and time again on the Tony Awards that he can lead a production number with the rest of them.
  • Cogsworth – James Monroe Iglehart – Iglehart popped into my head for this the other day, and it’s been stuck there ever since.  I don’t know why, but I think he’d bring a lot of humor to the role.
  • Mrs. Potts – Audra McDonald – Again, she would probably never take this role, but can you IMAGINE her singing “Beauty and the Beast”? Seriously, has it happened yet? Can we make it happen?
  • Chip – Gaten Matarazzo – Is he too old for the role? Probably. Is he adorable? Definitely. Did he break my heart in Les Miserables? You bet your ass. I’d pay to see it.
  • Lefou – Rob McClure – Well, I feel like saying Josh Gad would be cheating, since, you know, the upcoming remake. So this time I’ll say Rob McClure. McClure is wonderful, stealing nearly every scene he’s in. I think he’d be fabulous.
  • Maurice – Chip Zien – Maybe it’s because Into the Woods is my favorite musical, maybe it’s because he played the Mysterious Man the last time I saw Into the Woods. But Chip Zien can play delightfully neurotic perfectly.

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