The Best Dystopian Novels

Or some of them, anyway. I’ve been listening to The Handmaid’s Tale on audiobook lately, and it’s gotten me thinking about dystopian novels. They’ve been around for a while, but there is definitely a trend, especially in YA, as of late. And it doesn’t surprise me, with all of the uncertainty going around in the world. So this has gotten me thinking about my own favorite dystopian novels and series, from past and present. So I present to you just a few of them.

  1. The Hunger Games – These books seem to have started the most recent trend, and it doesn’t surprise me at all. Well-written with enough suspense to keep me up at night, The Hunger Games series let a teenager save the day in a truly horrific world. I’ve read them a few times, and they are still suspenseful.
  2. Legend – The Legend series might not be the most popular on my list, but I love them. It’s another YA series, but I love the storyline about two people from opposite sides of the tracks. I love the betrayal and action. I love the smart girl heroine!  And I love the surprise, hopeful, different ending.
  3. Fahrenheit 451 – It’s been a really long time since I’ve read this one. When I read it in high school, the idea of burning books was unfathomable to me. The older I get, the more relevant it seems. I really need to get around to reading this one again.

What’s your favorite dystopian novel or series?


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