Things That Make Me Happy


Because we all need a little happy right now…

  • Books. Reading. Words. The new worlds they let me travel to.
  • Star Wars. Can you blame me? What amazing movies.
  • Musicals. The singing, the dancing. There might be sad musicals, but the stories and the music always lift me up.
  • Cupcakes. Because they’re delicious.
  • The people who help. “Look for the helpers. You will always find people who are helping.” – Mr. Rogers
  • John Oliver. Samantha Bee. Stephen Colbert. James Corden.
  • Snow. Because when it’s not obnoxious to drive in, it’s really pretty.
  • Friends. Not the TV show. Well, yes the TV show, but also my real friends. They listen and they smile.
  • Cop-out blog posts. Sorry, guys. I’m real tired today.
  • Netflix. Obviously.
  • My students. They’re bright, inquisitive, and kind. They are the future.

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