What Keeps Me Up at Night


  1. Illness – Funny how working with children means you get sick ALL OF THE TIME. I’d been doing so WELL this year, hand sanitizing like a BOSS.  But it hits when you least expect it. You get a sore throat halfway through the day then BAM by the time you get in bed, you can’t breathe through your nose.
  2. Oscar nominations – I have absolutely no stock in who gets nominated or why. But it gives me anxiety. Will my favorites be there?
  3. My upstairs neighbor – I NEVER hear my upstairs neighbor except when I’m getting ready for bed. And at 4 in the morning. What is he doing up there?! Bowling?!
  4. Life – Why is it when I’m getting ready to sleep, I remember everything that I need to do the next day and start stressing about it? I hear the voices of my coworkers and my mom ringing through my head? I remember that I forgot to turn off the stove? How do I turn my brain off?
  5. The fact that I am awake at night. Still. – This might just be the worst. When I’m awake, I think about how I’m awake. I think about how I have to get to sleep. I think about how little sleep I am going to get. This more than anything keeps me from getting to or getting back to sleep.

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