My Favorite Powerful Families of History


If you don’t know, I am a history teacher by day. In order to be an effective history teacher, I think, you have to be a complete history nerd. You have to find history so exciting that you want to share it with others. And I do. I LOVE history. Recently, I have figured out that I love researching powerful families, monarchs and influential people. I like their quirks and their flaws. I like examining who the people in the family were underneath it all. And so, without further ado, I present to you some of my favorite historical families of power.

  1. The Kennedys – They were America’s royal family, right? An ambassador with sons who ended up running this country in various ways. The daughters made their own, somewhat quieter, impacts. On the surface, they’re supposed to look perfect and powerful. But underneath, there were infidelities, ties to the mob, and tragedies of every shape and size. Every single member of this large family is intriguing in their own ways, and I read every biography I can get my hands on.
  2. The Romanovs – I’ve only recently started researching the Romanovs, usually through audiobooks of one of the millions of books written on them. The Romanovs’ deaths were one of history’s most eminent tragedies in history, but before that, they were a a powerful family living in a bubble as revolution overtook their country. Was what happened to them inevitable? What happened to these lives that were cut down?
  3. The British Royal Family – Yes, I watched The Crown. Yes, I loved The Crown. Yes, I was incredibly excited when The Crown was announced. The British Royal Family tries to hide a lot of their personal lives, which, to me, makes them truly truly fascinating. They follow duty and rules, but they have so little political power left. So what makes them tick? I always want to learn more.

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