Best Broadway Overtures

For my inaugural post on my new website (here – still working out some kinks), I decided I would talk about overtures. Overtures set the tone for the movie or the musical or whatever, just like I am (hoping) this post sets the tone for this website. Maybe. I don’t know. So I present to you: My favorite musical overtures (just three this time, no order, because I know there will be more).

  • Dirty Rotten Scoundrels – I ADORE David Yazbek’s overtures. All of them (seriously, listen to the one from The Full Monty). They are so upbeat and catchy. I remember sitting in the audience and hearing this one the first time. It made me so insanely excited for the show. And that’s what overtures are supposed to do.
  • Phantom of the Opera – Quintessential. Hardcore. So 80s. It doesn’t really get much better than this. Not only does it set all of the themes, but it makes you feel like you are smack dab in the middle of a rock opera. I don’t remember hearing it in person (I was 8, it was my first show), but I know that when I heard it in the film, I held my breath.
  • South Pacific – This is my favorite classic overture. The lush orchestra, the musical’s themes. It is everything a classic overture should be. (My favorite version comes from the most recent revival with Kelli O’Hara.)

3 thoughts on “Best Broadway Overtures

  1. Overtures are fun to listen to in a musical. Phantom’s overture is incredible. When I saw Phantom of the Opera in Greenville with my mom three years ago, the moment I heard the overture, I was spellbound and could not take my eyes off of that chandelier. What an opening to watch.


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