Why Thanksgiving is My Favorite Holiday (ignore my crappy image)


My friends all make fun of me because I am the nerd who likes Thanksgiving best out of all of the holidays. I’m told that I should like Christmas or Halloween: there’s more to do, more celebration, but I like that there’s less hubbub around Thanksgiving. Maybe I like being a little different.

  • The FOOD – It’s all about the food, right? I love turkey. I love eating so much that I can’t possibly fit anymore. I love mashed potatoes and gravy (fun fact: My mom hates mashed potatoes and I don’t cook, so Thanksgiving is the only time I get mashed potatoes and gravy).
  • The FAMILY – Yes, I know. There will undoubtedly be tension this year. My Thanksgivings never seem quite as bad as I hear tell of other people’s, though we have some tension from time to time. Who doesn’t? But I like sitting around and enjoying the time with my family. I like hearing about them and laughing with them.
  • The PARADE – If you haven’t guessed yet, I am a Broadway nut. And the parade showcases some of the best that Broadway has to offer. I watch it and cheer for my favorite performers and decide what I want to see on my next trip.
  • The SHOPPING – I hate shopping, but for some reason, there’s something different about Black Friday shopping. I never go in wanting anything specifically, but I like browsing the deals and getting excited about the deals.
  • The LAZINESS – I like that, in my world anyway, laziness is part of the holiday. There’s something nice and relaxing about sipping a glass of wine in front of the fire with people you love.

What’s your favorite holiday?


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