The best non-Halloween Halloween movies


I really like Halloween.  When I was a kid, I didn’t like candy, but I loved getting dressed up and trick-or-treating.  I love the costumes and the details.  However, I am not a fan of Halloween movies.  Everyone I know has one (or in the case of my brother, tons) of Halloween movies that they can watch again and again.  With the exception of Young Frankenstein, I’ve never really had a Halloween movie.  So today I am writing about alternative Halloween movies.  Movies that showcase some kind of change, but without the Halloween aspect.

  • Spy.  This was actually the first movie I thought of when I was making this list.  Melissa McCarthy goes undercover and is hilarious.  The spooks getting you down?  Watch this one and have a good laugh.
  • As You Like It.  There might be more versions of this one, but the version with Bryce Dallas Howard is my favorite.  I’m not the biggest Shakespeare fan, but the language, the transformation, the romance in this version is breathtaking.  Definitely your high-brow non-Halloween Halloween entertainment.
  • Beauty and the Beast.  The cartoon.  This is probably my favorite movie of all time, for sentimental reasons and others too.  This film is lovely and funny.  It’s a perfect package.  The Beast and Belle both have their own transformations, and isn’t that what Halloween is all about?  A little transformation.

So have a great Halloween if you celebrate it.  Tonight’s viewing for me will be Austenland.  I just finished the book, and it has people dressing up, right?  Very non-Halloween Halloween.  What are your Halloween plans?


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