My favorite bar trivia team names that I’ve heard


  • Beer Me Up Scottie – Yes, I’m a nerd.
  • Spellcheck is My Enema – Yes, I’m a nerd who loves puns.
  • Ale to the Chief – And a presidential nerd.
  • Stephen Hawking’s School of Dance – I might be an awful person too.
  • Brew’s On First – Can you really go wrong with beer meets Abbott and Costello?
  • The Beer Necessities – Okay, my dad is REALLY good at punny team names.
  • Trump/Palin 2016 – Because SOMEONE has to bring up my worst nightmare.
  • Anne Frank’s Hide and Seek – Again, I am a terrible person.
  • We’re Not Ashamed of What I Did for a Klondike Bar – But I am.
  • You’re a Quizzard, Harry – Because Harry Potter references ALWAYS win.

Have you heard any good team names lately?  What would you name your team?  (Yes, this is a copout blog, but there are some major Harry Potter fesitivities happening in a few days.  I’ll blog about them.


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