My favorite LOTR characters: teenage years vs. adult years



3. Arwen – I’m not 100% sure I loved her or her costumes, but when I was a teenager, I definitely wanted to be an elf.  And she was always so gorgeous.  Can you blame me?

2. Merry/Pippin – As a teenager, I thought they were one in the same.  They were the comedic relief, and I love a good comedic relief.  I still adore them, of course.  I’m pretty sure if I were a hobbit, I’d be them.

1. Legolas – Okay, this is the worst one.  I LOVED Legolas.  Had a Legolas poster.  Was it my love of elves?  Nope.  It was my love of Orlando Bloom.  But he was so dreamy!

AS AN ADULT (Oh, how things have changed):

3. Merry/Pippin – Okay, so I guess this one hasn’t changed much.  They still make me laugh!

2. Eowyn – When I was a kid, she always bothered me.  I don’t know why.  I found her annoying (couldn’t she see that Aragorn/Arwen were OTP?!), but as a grownup, as a woman, I love her spunk.  I love her commitment and her drive and her bravery.  Now I want to be Eowyn when I grow up.

1. Aragorn – But how did I not love him when I was a teenager?  He was a badass, he was caring, he was smart.  And oh, he is so, so handsome.  As an adult, his scenes are my favorite, and I cannot be dissuaded.

What about you?  Who is your favorite LOTR character?  Have your favorite characters (in anything) changed over time?


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