My top dream blogging-incentives


There are days (usually when I’m having a bad or tiring day) that I find updating my blog to be tedious. Do you ever get that way? I’d rather be reading or writing or rewatching Game of Thrones for the 3rd time.  But I’ve committed to this blog, and I’m not one to give up on commitment.  Maybe I just need a little incentive. So without further ado, I’ve come up with my personal dream blogging incentives.

  1. A date with a celebrity – I’m not too picky. As long as he is nice and handsome, and maybe can make me laugh, I’ll take it. I’m a fan of a LOT of celebs and watch a lot of movies so. I’m sure I could make it work with anyone (ALMOST anyone). Of course, there are a couple that I would LOVE to have a blogging-incentive date with. I won’t name them on the off-chance they google themselves and my blog pops up. TERRIFYING.
  2. A trip to Disney World – Disney World is my favorite place in the world. The last time I went there, I cried because I was so happy. An hour’s worth of blogging is a fair trade for a week in Disney, right? I think so.
  3. An ice cream – Listen, I’m not a diva. I can go with simple rewards too. Right now it’s freaking stifling in my apartment, so I’m kind of hoping that the magical blog incentive fairy knocks on my door in a few minutes with a nice chocolate ice cream cone.
  4. A million dollars – Self-explanatory.
  5. More friends – I don’t want to sound pathetic or anything, but I just moved and I’m a bit of an introvert anyway. So I have hope that people will read my blog and think “Hey, she sounds pretty cool.” It’s a dream, anyway.

What would be your dream blogging incentives, to keep you going when you feel burnt out?


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