My favorite fictional love stories (Part 1/???)


I’ve been doing a lot of research lately on the story of Lancelot and Guinevere for my current WIP (no, it’s not a telling of their story… but my main protagonists are movie stars who met in a film about them), and it got me thinking about love stories. I’ve been reading and watching a lot of them lately, for inspiration, and it makes me realize that I REALLY like love stories (I am a romance writer, after all), so here it is. The first in my many part series: My favorite fictional love stories.

  • Emma and Dexter from One Day. I was at a writer’s conference recently where I was asked to share my favorite romance trope. Mine, I told them, was best friends who become something more. This describes One Day to a tee. It’s a powerful story about friendship and love and growing up. Dexter and Emma meet in college, are friends for years, and go through life and its ups-and-downs together and apart. It’s a beautifully written love story, and the movie’s alright too.
  • Jack and Rose from Titanic. This is where my nine-year-old self takes over. Yes, it’s cheesy. Yes, it’s sappy. Yes, it’s predictable. But I LOVE this love story. Two people from different backgrounds fall in love and inspire one another, all against the backdrop of a world-famous disaster. This marked the first time I cried while watching a movie.
  • Christian and Satine from Moulin Rouge. Judge me if you want, but Moulin Rouge is my favorite movie of all time. The music, the artistic design, the actors. But at its heart, the love story is powerful. Forbidden love, life-ending love, all told through music. I know this movie by heart and I never get sick of it.

More on this later. What is your favorite fictional love story?


10 thoughts on “My favorite fictional love stories (Part 1/???)

  1. I have not seen the 3rd one, but the second one is a classic and the 1st one I think it’s great because it’s a bit more into a realistic side yet tragic as Titanic’s.
    For me, I think I’ve always been a fan of romantic comedy love stories.

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      1. I actually have thought about it for some time, just nobody I know has seen it to get there view on it, but I might soon. 🙂
        I’d say they have got to be: Amelie, 27 Dresses, Because I Said So, He’ Just Not That Into You, How to Loose a Guy in 10 Days, and Just My Luck.

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      2. Wel, personally I love them and how to me they feel as “realistic” relationships among the characters. They are shown with many flaws, as I believe we all have. I really think that’s the main reason of why I love them, that’s what attracts me to them. Yet, my strongest top 3 suggestions are the ones you’ve seen as well :))

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