4 Tips for Surviving an Office


From a creative type who has never worked in an office before

I’m helping out in an office part time this summer, and it’s unlike anything I’ve ever experienced before.  It’s been three and a half days, and I think I have some wisdom I’d like to impart.

1) Invest in a doodle pad. I don’t draw. I’m actually one of the worst artists in the world. However, there can be a whole lot of downtime in an office. If you’re like me, your brain is apt to wander. A lot. Like… all the way to Timbuktu a lot. A doodle pad is great to keep you occupied while you’re waiting to get the mail or to answer a phone call. You can draw, you can plot stories, you can write. It’s a wonderful way to pass the time.

2) Be clear about EVERYTHING. Sometimes, when I describe something, I can… flourish it a little bit.  Or I can say something that I’m sure makes complete sense but actually was me talking in circles. My handwriting is atrocious. Working in an office requires a lot of communication, so I find that it is best to take the time to make everything clear.  It makes lives easier for everyone involved.

3) Pretend you’re working in the Ministry of Magic. Or something else. Heck, pretend you’re a Lannister in some warped modern Game of Thrones setting.  Find some way to have fun and keep your mental acuity high throughout the day. Stay productive, but let your imagination soar (if you can multitask).

4) Do your best but remember it’s not everything. It’s totally cool to take your job seriously. I get it. I do. But I also know people who take it WAY more seriously than I ever could. There are people who want to tear you down. Do your best. Try hard. But go home and relax. Do something fun. See someone you love. If you messed something up, you’ll fix it. Don’t listen to those bringing you down. It’s not the end of the world.




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