An average to-do list (Today’s)

Another list by Elizabeth Doherty (yes, this is what today’s to-do list looks like… with commentary)

  • Get ready for work tomorrow (I can’t be the only one who gets their clothes and stuff ready beforehand, right?  It means I get to sleep in!)
  • Check celebrity gossip sights (It’s research, okay?!  Kind of.  Maybe a little bit.  Okay, it’s just fun.)
  • The Policeman’s Ball (My goal is to get my first novel published this summer, but it needs revision.  I’m on my first of at least two revisions, and it’s hard.  I wanted to get four chapters done tonight.  Maybe I’ll just do two.  I’m so tired.)
  • The Walking Dead (Have to finish my rewatch so I can cross it off my list and start something new.  The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt maybe???)
  • Steam eyes (I’ve been having some trouble with them.  My doctor told me to do this.  My grandma had eye problems SO I AM TERRIFIED.)
  • Write blog (Can they tell I only update these things on Tuesdays?  It’s my light day!  I can’t help it!)
  • 10,000 steps (Why haven’t I hit that goal yet?  And how am I going to do that in an apartment?)

I make one of these every day.  Can you tell why I lovehate lists?


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