Looking for: One Brain

I feel like I am losing my mind.  (Maybe it’s just because I’m exhausted.  Are Tuesdays more exhausting for anyone else than Mondays?)

  • I was driving home from work yesterday and opened my water bottle thinking, “Man, if I spilled this right now, it would go all over my lap and make it look like I peed myself.”  I then proceeded to do just that.
  • I planned my WHOLE WEEKEND around grading the 150 essays that I need to grade for work.  What did I leave at work?  All of the essays.  And the folders I had to organize.  Who doesn’t have a key to get in on  the weekend?  That’s right.
  • I was looking for this pen that I like to use when I write.  It went missing.  I looked for it for three days.  I tore my apartment apart.  Where did I find it?  Hiding under my TV remote.

I’ve always been a little ditzy ( a lot according to my family), but this week I seem to have misplaced my brain.  Where do I find it?


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