Nights In

Wow, I’ve been doing a terrible job at keeping up with this blog, haven’t I?

It’s been kind of a crazy week.  Hanging out with friends, catching up on work, taking a look at my NaNoWriMo goodies, watching The Wiz Live! (how great was that??), reading my to-read list.  This is the first moment I have had to sit down in what feels like forever.  I can breathe again!

Of course, it is now 8:30 on a Friday night.  I’ve just finished doing dishes and now I’m watching Parks and Rec… again.

Ah, the glamorous life I lead.

I have a lot in mind about what I want to blog about: my new novel, Broadway, books, my amazing friends.  But tonight?  Tonight I think I’ll relax.  Maybe I’ll write a little, maybe I’ll make a little hot chocolate, maybe I’ll just go to bed early.  I’ve earned it.  You’ve all earned it.

What do you like to do on a night in?


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