I guess I’ve been a little MIA the past few weeks.  Between getting papers graded for work and participating in National Novel Writing Month, I feel like I haven’t had any time to myself!

If you don’t know what National Novel Writing Month is, I highly recommend you look into it.  Writing a novel in a month is insanity.  The good kind of insanity.  In fact, the only novels I have ever finished were NaNoWriMo projects (this makes me a VERY BAD AUTHOR).

This year’s NaNoWriMo has been the craziest of them all.  Real life has decided to be a thing this year.  I am actually being a social human being (what!)!  Plus there’s the whole work thing, which is taking up more of my time this year than it has in the past.

The craziest thing though is that I completely changed what I was going to write on the very first day.  Originally, in my head, it was going to be a spin on popular fairy tales.  I spent all of October planning and researching and getting ready (I am a planner).

But on November 1, I woke up completely inspired to start working on a novel I had scrapped long ago.  I had some of it written, and about half an outline done, and I set to work on it.  Scrapped all of my plans from the first novel and went with it.  And I haven’t looked back since.

It’s not perfect, but I am enjoying it.  And NaNoWriMo is all about getting the words on the page, right?  I can make it better later.


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