The problem with genres

Since starting this website, I’ve labelled myself as a Contemporary Romance and Chick Lit writer.  To an extent, that is exactly what I am.  The only novel I’ve completed is definitely contemporary romance.  The novel I was working on when I opened this site (which has since fallen by the wayside) was also a Contemporary Romance.

My next novel?  Fantasy.  Young adult fantasy.

For now, I figure, this is an okay thing.  I’m writing this for fun before if I see if it goes anywhere.  I am writing it for National Novel Writing Month.

But when I publish, if I publish this, is there going to be a problem?  The genre is quite different than what I usually write.  Assuming I build up some notoriety, is it smart to switch genres all of the time?  Even when I want to try my hand with someone else?

Or should I focus on one?  OR should I come up with pen names for each?

Why isn’t this all easier?


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