The easy way out or the road less traveled?

Do you ever get a great idea for what you’re going to write (yes, I know that I just updated about writer’s block, but something came to me in a dream!  No, really.), and you get so excited, and then you sit down to write it.. and there are all sorts of problems?

A part of me hates the beginning of the writing process, all of that planning.  Because it can be so hard, a complete obstacle to getting to the fun part.  You have all of these ideas, but you need to make them make sense, right?  And sometimes that is just not fun.

Do I keep going?  Do I keep planning this wild story in my head?  Even with this giant obstacle in my way?  Or do I stop?  Search my brain for something easier to write?  Less difficult.

I don’t want to say that I am running away from a challenge.  But with a new job and a new apartment, should I write something that comes to me easily?  Save the difficult stuff for when life settles down a bit?

Will life settle down a bit?

And more importantly, will I ever stop asking questions on this blog?


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