Welcome. Will I be?

The school year is about to start here, and because of that, I have been attending a lot (and I mean a LOT) of meetings for teachers.  These meetings help us make sure that we are prepared for the year, that we have plenty of icebreakers that we can use for our students, and that we know how to welcome the year and the students with open arms.

For me, the welcomes are the scariest part of the year.  I suffer from a little bit of social anxiety, and it’s hard for me to make connections with other people.  (No, I’m not sure why I became a teacher either.)  So I just keep thinking about how terrible it would be if I am unable to make connections with my students.

What if I don’t understand them?  What if they don’t like me?  What if I don’t like them?  What if I’m a miserable failure?

I had these same thoughts last year.  They turned out to be unfounded.  I didn’t connect with every student, but I loved them all.  I made connections.  I worked hard for all of them, and I think they liked me all right.

But it’s a new year.  New school.  New students.  I know that I won’t work any less, but those worries nag at the back of my mind.  Will it be enough?


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