Overwhelmed: A Teacher’s Life

Do you ever get so overwhelmed with something that you can barely sit and do anything?

I start school in about a week and a half.  It’s great.  I am excited, and I know I’m a decent teacher.  I mean, yes.  It’s nervewracking.  Will the students like me?  Will I make any sense?  Will I teach them everything they need to know?  Will they like me?  My class?

I’m kind of confident about all of this.

What has me overwhelmed is all of the preparing.  I have to make lesson plans and get school supplies ready… (and being a new teacher, I only get a half a day in the school before school actually starts!  That makes no sense).  As soon as I get something done, I remember something else I have to do.  My to-do list is never blank.

I know I’ll get it all done.  I’ll make it happen, as long as I focus.  But I keep staring at the to-do list, feeling the butterflies in my stomach.  How am I supposed to focus when my brain is going in circles?  Why can’t I have a day without this worry?


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