Exhausting summer

By day, I am a teacher (though I much prefer my fancy “by night” title as a writer), and so because of that, summer should be my favorite season, right?  Warm weather, no work, relaxing.

Except that I am a 20-something teacher who has yet to find a permanent job.  I run a summer camp in the summer.  You know, so I have money to live and whatnot.  It’s long days in the heat and sun.  Long days with dozens of kids, anxious parents, injuries, and hormonal young staff members.  Long days of trying to make soccer and tag interesting for 8 hours a day.  Long days of trying to make it a unique and pleasant experience for each one of the 60-70 kids who attend the program each day.

And I.  Am.  Exhausted.

It is 8:30 on a Friday night.  I have already slept an hour since coming home from work, and I am planning on crawling into bed and sleeping in a few minutes.

Aren’t I supposed to be wild in my 20s?


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