Like the movies…

Do you ever envision your life in the movies?

I don’t mean picturing you yourself in the movies, starring alongside Johnny Depp or Halle Berry or whatever.  But more, do you picture yourself as one of the characters in the movie that you’re watching?  Do you imagine what your life would be like if you were that character?  Because I do.

And I sound totally pathetic.

But hear me out.  As a teacher (who loves her job) slash summer camp counselor (maybe not so much) with no significant other and not much of a social life, there comes times when I like to lose myself in the movies.

When I was little, I would imagine myself as a spy as my class walked from our classroom to the library for reading time.  Even my early writings drew a lot from the films that I love.  (Why Liz, I hear you asking, does that mean that you wrote fanfiction?  Oh yes.  Yes it does.  And the Harry Potter lover in me still misses it.)

Writing this blog was inspired by movie watching.  Julie & Julia, which is about a bloggist, and Meryl Streep’s Julia Child impression.  (What?  I was in a Stanley Tucci mood.)

I don’t know.  A part of me thinks that, from time to time, envisioning life as a movie can be good.  It can break the monotony of, oh, I don’t know.  A humid summer spent supervising hundreds of children as they play dodgeball and soccer over and over again.  For me, it has helped me write on more than one occasion.  Throwing my characters into a movie scene in my head, or turning something that I’m going through into a movie scene has helped me when the dreaded writers’ block hits.

And as long as I’m not living in my personal head movie all of the time, what’s wrong with it?

What’s your favorite movie, readers?


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