The perils of being employed full time — at something other than authoring

There are always stories in my head.  In fact, there are often more stories than I can keep track of most of the time.  I’ve loved writing since I was a little kid with my nose stuck in my first chapter book.  I’ve always written for fun, and I love it.

Unfortunately, I also love my day job.  I’m a teacher, and as crazy and hectic as it can be, I love it.  I love the kids and the struggles and the chaos.  I love being that completely nerdy teacher that my students roll their eyes about.

But here is the problem.  Teaching and writing don’t always mix.  Even when I come home, my work isn’t done.  There’s work to grade, emails to respond to, lessons to plan, and the general worry hanging over my head that I’ve messed up my students for life.  It’s stressful.

The worst part about it all is that after a full 8+ hour day of teaching, I can’t do anything else.  Words don’t want to come, and I certainly don’t want to sit up at a computer for hours and write a story.  Even now, I am forcing myself to sit here and write this.  My eyes are heavy and painful.  I’m easily annoyed and brought to tears at the drop of a hat.


And yet, there’s this story in my head, clamoring to get out.  It’s been there for days, weeks, months.  The only work I’ve been able to do on it is choose two names that I like to name my female protagonist.  Because as exciting as it all is (and starting a new novel is one of my favorite things in the world), all’s I want to do is sleep until I don’t feel so uncomfortable anymore.

But look… so shiny…



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