First blog post. Ahhhhh!


I’m here.  Here I am.

I’ve been writing since I was 12 years old.  I mean, I wasn’t any good back then.  They almost put me in a remedial writing class.  But I liked creating stories.  I wrote stupid “plays” for my seventh-grade class and stupid Friends fanfiction.  (Oh yes, I did.)

It took a lot of practice (over half my life at this point) and a lot of dabbling in a lot of genres, but I’d like to think I’ve improved a bit.  Even if I haven’t, I still love creating and writing stories.  And I’m at a point in my life where I want to share them.

My debut novel, tentatively titled The Policeman’s Ball, is currently looking for reliable beta readers (anyone?), and in the meantime, I’m told that social media is the way to connect with other writers and readers.  So I’m excited for that.  It’s certainly a nice distraction from being a teacher without a job (which is what I am by day) and a socially inept human being (which is what I am by night).

I have a feeling that this site (and this blog) will be all over the place.  Nostalgia, movie/theater reviews, whining about writer’s block.  You name it.  But I hope to make a lot of friends from it too.  It’s an experiment, of sorts,  And I’m ready.


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